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How to send anonymous emails

This full guide will show you how to send emails without being known. It talks about everything, from how to use them best to what could go wrong.

How to send anonymous emails
How to send anonymous emails


You are a whistleblower

You can help fight crime, corruption, fraud, abuse, sexual harassment, and other violations of the law by sending an anonymous email or phone call. Even though anonymous whistleblowing is common, people can put their lives in danger by doing it. They can be fired, put on a blacklist, be picked on, or even go to court. Anonymity is a way to keep yourself safe.

You are a journalist

If they don't want their secrets to get out, powerful corporations, governments, and institutions can keep an eye on journalists and go after them. Journalists can protect their sources and share their findings through anonymous emails, which also makes it less likely that someone will get in trouble for it.

You don't want to be tracked or get spam.

Spammers and companies get email addresses from mailing lists, discussion boards, and websites. Then, these addresses are used for marketing campaigns that send out a lot of emails. Use a temporary, anonymous address to keep your spam folder from getting full of junk mail.


#1: Set up a new email address

You can send emails without being known. Setting up a new email address on a popular email service like Yahoo or Gmail makes it easy to send emails without being seen. When making a new profile, you shouldn't use any information that can be used to find you. If not, it won't be a secret. Pick a fake name, date of birth, and address. Email service providers might ask you for a valid phone number so they can send you a verification key. It could make you have to give it back.

#2: Send an email to a "burner"

With a Burner account, you can send and receive anonymous emails. Most of the time, these accounts are deleted after a certain amount of time has passed. You can also send messages without having to sign up for an account that links to you. Using a "burner" email address is one way to hide who you are as the sender.

#3: Use an email that is encrypted

One type of anonymous email service is a service that encrypts your emails. These services work the same as other email services, but your emails, inbox, and contact lists are all encrypted. This makes sure that the content of your email can't be seen by anyone who might be watching traffic. This means that most of the time, anonymous email service providers won't be able to spy on you. With these anonymous email accounts, you can talk to people in a safe and constant way.