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Gmail Sign Up

Gmail Sign Up is the first and the most important step you have to follow to access Gmail regardless of any purpose; especially for someone who sees it as a business account

Gmail Sign Up
Gmail Sign Up

Gmail Sign Up is the first and most critical step you must take in order to access Gmail for any reason, especially if you intend to use it as a business account.


Gmail or Google Gmail is an awesome and dynamic email service that you can use for a variety of purposes. Gmail is a product that was made by Google, Inc - one of the most famous companies in the world on April 15, 2004. In June 2012, professors found out that Gmail attracted more than 425 million users all over the world and there were over one billion downloads of this app on mobile devices.

In this day and age, Gmail plays an essential role in human beings as it is highly appreciated in terms of the email platform available. It is undeniable that there are various types of webmail but up till now, the storage capacity of Gmail (an excellent product of Google) possesses the biggest size. Customers can store images, files, videos, and others in 15 GB of space without an extra fee. Because of this, nowadays, a huge amount of people sign up Gmail for business or even for daily life needs.

Thanks to the Internet breakthrough, Gmail has become more popular and it can integrate with numerous networks including Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Therefore, it saves time for people, and also it makes people think Gmail is a professional service. 

With the purpose of guiding people to use Gmail in the right way and effectively. This website will give you some ways to use Gmail as Gmail sign up how to check your emails, how to see unread emails first, and how to optimize the storage of your Gmail


Before exploring various functions of Gmail, you need to sign up for this service first (create Gmail account). To do this, you have to possess a Google account and prepare information about your identities like your name (full name and user name), birth date, gender, mobile phone number, and location. After creating an email account successfully, you can add your contacts and manage your profiles using the setting button.




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    You need to go to Gmail sign up page

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     Click the left mouse on Create an account and select For myself



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    You will see a form for Gmail sign up and your mission is to fill in all required information. This step can be easy when you take a glance at the directions of Google support. 

    Enter all personal information:

    • Your first and your last name
    • Your username: You need to make a new username which is not been used by others before.
    • Your password: Try to choose a strong password. You can mix letters, numbers, and special symbols to enhance the security of your password.gmai-sign-up-11
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    Click Next after filling all necessary information in Gmail sign up form

    When any field with wrong data, Google will display an error notice that will help you to double-check it


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    Use your own phone number to verify your Gmail account. This step is to enhance the security of your account and stop spam


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    Enter the verification code that you received on the phone’s message from Google.gmai-sign-up-4

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    Another form about the personal information and you will complete this


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    Read the Google’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy and click the “I agree” button to accomplish



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